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IObit v2.0

Input/Output uitbreidingen voor micro:bit


IObit v2.0

De IObit is voornamelijk bedoeld als input output uitbreiding voor de micro:bit.
Door gebruik te maken van de pins zijn alle IO poorten bereikbaar zonder mogelijkheden van de micro:bit te verliezen.

Technische gegevens

  • Small size, very suitable for DIY
  • All IO ports are extracted
  • On-board buzzer- you can directly use the music module in MakeCode to play music. At the same time, the 3.5mm audio connector on the board can be connected to audio equipment; such as, headphones to have more creative endeavors.
  • Two LEGO-compatible pin holes for easy assembly and integration
  • The 3PIN interface is distinguished by yellow, red, and black. It is created so that plugging it in the wrong way is difficult, and it is convenient to plug in the sensors.
  • It imitates the 5PIN gold fingers on the Micro:bit. This is convenient for makers who like to use the alligator clips.
  • Compared with IObit1.0, the biggest difference is that it can input and output 5V, support 5V sensor use, and increases the drive capacity (can drive multiple 9g small servos).
  • Includes 1A self-recovery fuse
  • Custom-designed silk screen board